The Yellow House Foundation mission is to provide a safe place for recovery in Williamson County and the immediate cities of Cedar Park and Leander.

Alcohol addiction and substance abuse is a major issue in our society and in our community.  The Yellow House Foundation (YHF) is a non-profit 501(C) 3 tax exempt organization operating in the state of Texas.  All YHF members , including board members, are volunteers determined to combat the diseases of alcoholism and addiction with  education, counseling, sponsoring meetings, workshops and events  by using the 12 Step Program founded by Alcoholics Anonymous.

There are no fees required to attend these functions. Our revenue is contingent upon donations, membership dues and fund raising events. The primary beneficiaries of YHF are the members of the community suffering from alcoholism and addiction who want and are willing to work for, a better way of life. Chances are you may know someone who has this problem. YHF directly impacts the quality of living for every person who follows the 12 Step Program.  Most successfully return to family and community and go on to become productive members of society.

A.A. Hope Group members formed YHF. Hope Group A.A. meetings have been effective in Cedar Park for over 30 years. This is YHF’s tenth year in the community. We serve anyone who comes to our facility.  Because of population growth in the area and increasing number of people suffering from the diseases of alcoholism and addiction seeking help to recover,  our facility has had to expand to include another 1500 sq. ft. of space.   We hold 37 weekly meetings attended by more than 1000 members in recovery.  We have five meeting rooms —  No. 1 main meeting for large groups & events; No. 2 meeting room for large groups & events; No.3 meeting room for smaller groups and counseling;  Nos. 4 & 5 smaller rooms for counseling.

We sponsor social events throughout the year giving the attendees a safe place to socialize in an alcohol and drug free environment, experiencing a new way of living without mind altering substances. Our outside grounds, used for events, socializing, fellowship and workshops, contain a 25ft x 25ft covered patio and 15ft x 10ft patio.  We also have an outside 20 x15 seating area, picnic tables throughout our grassy area and BBQ smoke pit.

YHF builds the foundation one step at a time.

Board of Trustees
Yellow House Foundation